About My Work

Hi. I am Amarachi Okafor.

I am an experimental contemporary artist from Nigeria. I live in Nigeria. However my art moves beyond Nigeria as I have been engaging in activities that over time have built me into an artist-curator cultural producer, experimentalist, educator-contemporary artist, and the like. I have been practising studio visual arts since 2001.


I like to experiment, fabricating (with) objects and words, so I like to build and I like to write, and I sing too – not nearly a star on that front, yet! But I promise you I am working on it. I spend most of my time at my studio - ORIE STUDIO, an artists’ space and community that I founded. We are an amazing team of creative people. we are awesome! We often stage engaging art-events that 'touch' and educate. You really have got to get involved with us.

My art merges disciplines to discuss topics around contemporary culture (/systems), human relations (/activities, results) and memory (history). I make built/assembled Paintings and Sculpture Installations that obtain from my curiosity about ‘containment’ as idea and as metaphor; the action of fabrication, the plainness of mundane used objects, and the hands-on process of mending and patching. I am also fascinated by encounter of colour and form.

I perceive the patching and mending of the pliable broken pieces of materials that I adopt into my work, as the healing, of these bits and pieces, of things, and of myself. My patching and mending sessions can allude to [hoped for] possible amendments of methods and processes that build stronger societies…thinking of course, about my Nigeria and related societies around the world.

I love making beautiful art pieces. But quite more importantly, I spend more time and resources, making art purposefully towards a more beautiful us - because our life situations are indeed not so beautiful- I call these projects Relational Community Meetings/Events

Please, come collaborate with us!