Jogja Biennale; Equator #3, Indonesia, October 2015

Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation announces its new direction and curatorial team for the next edition, Biennale Equator #3 in 2015. The Jogja Biennale has created a theme beyond just the similarities between Indonesia and Nigeria, a theme that could also embrace contemporary discourse, political context and social issues in both countries respectively.

For this exhibition I am showing my latest in my public art series titled:

I Learnt This, 2015

  • Would you prefer to be

    white? Why?

  • How many hours a day do

    you need your hand phone?

  • What does failure teach

    us? Are you totally a Failure when you fail or make an ‘F’?

  • How possible is it to

    have learnt something without Does being

    global/international mean speaking English?

  • How many hours a day do

    you spend reading a book, and how many hours a day do you spend looking at an electronic


  • How necessary is it to

    say ‘What Is On Your Mind’ on social media?

  • Does

    the internet give you more knowledge than school or family?