Jogja Biennale Equator #3 October 2015

I Learnt This, 2015

Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation announces its new direction and curatorial team for the next edition, Biennale Equator #3 in 2015. The Jogja Biennale has created a theme beyond just the similarities between Indonesia and Nigeria, a theme that could also embrace contemporary discourse, political context and social issues in both countries respectively.

For this exhibition I am showing my latest in my public art series titled:

I Learnt This.

There are disturbing yet pertinent questions that must be asked- As peoples, what kind of a society are we, what kind of a society would we prefer to be, what is it that we are teaching societies today, and how? Are we a developed society? Do we build trust? Do we extend Care? Do we uphold Truth? Do we render Help? Do we respect the other? Are we fair?

What are our responses to these questions? Might there be the need to learn or unlearn anything to become that which we want to be?


With Nigeria and Indonesia for example, colonial domination changed us. As peoples, what is original about us? Do we relish our uniqueness, or do we have a propensity for exotic identities therefore losing our true ‘self’?

What is our true self? What did we represent yesterday, today, and what about tomorrow? Our tomorrow is in all of our hands! 

What are we teaching and what are we learning? How? What are we passing on to our next generations to hold? How? We do need to pay attention to our formal schemes for learning but more attention to the alternative structures for education such as the home/family, mosque, church, streets, playgrounds, media and everywhere. Let us pay attention and push for the best methods to realize our true selves. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with me.