Schooner Bay Art Symposium, the Bahamas, July 2010

Working at Schooner Bay in Abaco Island was fun. I must say though, that it was too hot out there. I got sun-burnt actually…

According to Antonius Roberts, “Schooner Bay is the ultimate artists’ studio – a studio without walls and we look forward to it being transformed into and celebrated as an organic garden where the line between nature and art is obliterated.” 

From July 21 through July 23rd 2010, six emerging artists from the College of the Bahamas and three resident artists from Popopstudios including  myself and John Cox (Popostudios Director) participated in the first annual Schooner Bay Art Symposium. We were invited and hosted by resident artist, Antonius.

The mission was to create markers/sculptures that help to clearly define and celebrate protected areas along the iron shore, dunes and coppice.

Art With Children (Living with HIV)

In collaboration with the AIDS Foundation, Antonius Roberts held some art classes over 3 weeks for children in Nassau, the Bahamas who are living with HIV.

I was honoured to participate and interact with the children. I learnt a world of new things and I hope that I was able to teach a few things about life.