Hand Paper-Making; A Learning Based Event, Nasarawa, December 2018

I use Hand Made Paper in the production of some of my work.

From the 3rd to the 15th of December, 2018, I hosted a Paper Making Project to create an opportunity to share some of my process with some young, eager minds. The workshop was held in collaboration with Association of Visual Arts Teachers in Nigeria (AVATIN).

The focus of the workshop was hand papermaking, using

indigenous fibre from Banana, Okro, Sisal, and Sugarcane. We had Master Paper Makers Anne Mckeown and Donna Brown from the Brodsky Centre of Rutgers University, New Jersey. This workshop

is the debut activity to precede further planned learning-focused artistic

“Community Meetings” I will organise where the same students can deepen

their engagement with my work and with art over a longer