Lost Truth and How We Got Tired of Seeking, 2016-2019


Title of Artwork: Lost Truth and How We Got Tired of Seeking

Artwork Year: 2016-2019

Dimensions: 130cm x 328cm

Medium: Acrylic and Tempera on Canvas


Description: Imagine looking for something where it has been designed that you will not find it. We may try our best but are almost bound to give up depending on what drives us and how much/far this force drives us. It feels to me that systems, governments, and politicians even everyday people (in my society at least) make things this way. Can we ever know the real truth about why an oil-rich nation has so many poor people? Many people suffer due to people seeking their own interests rather than those of the public. This is ever ongoing and I personally have resigned… In Nigeria, each of us is on our own anyway- each one must look after themselves because there is no one to help you. It is the same even in this current situation with the corona virus.

I have gotten tired of asking and listening. It can get tiring like moving through a maze in circles. For some, it can be fun, so they continue to engage. The lustrous movement and radiant colours in this piece alternate the situation that the work alludes to, as a staggering instruction to all those who have lost hope, to Cheer Up.

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