The Shape of Hanging Skin, 2009

Title of ArtworkThe Shape of Hanging Skin

Artwork Year: 2009

Dimensions: 263cm x 97cm

Medium: Synthetic Leather, Fabric off-cut


When the life of a bona fide citizen of Nigeria has been so pressured, and is continually being put under pressure everyday without so much as a hope of a substantial sustained relief from this harassment, kidnapping, and strife- what does he do? Does he, or does he not simply ‘hang in there’ (and hope for the best); would he rather ‘hang up’ (and look away, and not bother himself), or ‘hang out’ (in a better country out there); or ‘hang there’ (and not care, nor do anything)... like this curtain on my studio door, which has no opinion in my plans concerning it, and could not care less about what goes on anywhere

Do they speak of corruption? I heard that is global.

Now they have just begun to kidnap people!

When the lifestyle/livelihood of a citizen of a country is constantly and continually put under pressure as apparently is the case, in this case; without so much as any substantial hope for any kind of relief from the sustained harassment, and strife- what do people do? Do they, ‘hang in there’ or not (and hope for the best?); would they prefer to ‘hang up’ (and look away, not bothering, either way?), or ‘hang out’ there (in what seems to be better situations/countries?)? Perhaps they might just ‘hang there’ (not caring less, nor doing anything, about anything) ... like this curtain on my studio* door, whose opinion I am not really interested to bother with, as regards my treatment of it.

 My curtain no longer cares, about my varied activities that I take it through, or through it- even when I literally drag it through these.


*Because my studio is a place where I take refuge. It is my fortress. But it is also my playground, as well as the place where I am Lord.

©Amarachi Okafor, Nigeria.

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