Bags of Deceitful Weights, 2006

Title of ArtworkBags of Deceitful Weights

Artwork Year: 2006

Dimensions: Variable dimensions

Medium: Multiple Media


Inspired by the book of Micah 6:11 (KJV), “Shall l say ‘Good’ to all ye merchants with their bags of false, deceitful weights?  How could God be just while saying that?”

An Igbo adage says: ‘the mind is a bag; each individual carries their own’.  What goes on in an individual’s mind is so securely fastened as could be a bag, that unless the individual lets on an outsider will not have any inkling.  Nigeria is a society where almost everyone is devoted to some religion.  Religion is so intensely practiced that the country should be paradise on earth, but the actual situation is far from this.  What do we do with our minds while we present our bodies to be preached at?  This work combines sound and visuals, the sound is that of 'church-preaching' where the Installation tries to replicate the interior of the church-including the altar.

There is a current trend to randomly found new churches in nearby common spaces, locally, this is why l have used a common space within my immediate locality.

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