City Bags for City People, 2006

Title of ArtworkCity Bags for City People

Artwork Year: 2006

Dimensions: 92cm h. x 81cm x 83cm

Medium: Used Ghana-Must-Go bags (made from Polypropylene material)


Nigeria’s oil money in the Swiss Banks due Nigerian citizens living under ‘Lagos bridges’, which in Nigerian intimates being poor and homeless.  City Bags for city people is a representation of the bags associated with politicians and people working in the government, and corruption in Nigeria. It is said that these types of bag are used for carrying money in Nigeria. This bag “Ghana-Must-Go’ is not normally known to come in sizes as big as they are in this work.  The sizes have been exaggerated by the artist to startle us into dwelling on the amount of looting that may be going on.  

A specific number of these bags (two) stems from another bribery that was offered in two bags mentioned in the bible (2 Kings 5: 23).

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