Bushmeat Trying to be Colourful, 2009

Title of ArtworkBushmeat Trying to be Colourful

Artwork Year: 2009

Dimensions: 246cm x 230cm

Medium: Synthetic Leather


The idea for this piece was developed from an analysis on Facebook (a popular social forum on the internet), of a comment by a certain young man: “One bush meat at hand is worth 2 super models on E! TV!!”. I started to raise questions concerning his open-minded opinion and subsequent expression...

“...Trying to be Colourful, 2009, comes as an alter ego of ‘The Colour of Bush Meat’, 2009 (of the Bush Meat Series).

 Animal Skin bearing the shape of the torso of a human being, and shaped like the cell of a living being (the cell is the centre of life of a living thing). This life could be that of a human being, which could be a woman. As women, we naturally love to touch ourselves up with colour, and with contrasting touches of colour at this woman’s ‘centres of interest’, I am bringing to attention this point. It seems to me that it does not matter how much a woman works hard at getting to look colourful, inside, or outside. This woman might still end up with the same tag, for the same kind of function- of ordinary ‘bush meat’, which only use is to be eaten; bush meat which has only two centres of interest, according to her bidders. Two nuclear -some way from the top, and at the very centres -only two, and not more... Is that the only purpose we are worthy of serving? Aren’t we also designed to have brains and to use it??

Why would anybody see a woman as just, bush meat, possessing only two vintage parts- through and through-, and not more?

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