About Black (From the Bag Wall Series), 2006

Title of Artwork: About Black (From the Bag Wall Series)

Artwork Year: 2006

Dimensions: Variable dimensions. 283cm ht.

Medium: Plastic bags, Sewing thread


Shopping is a very popular human activity.  Although intangible, it is quite a strong activity.  ‘Black’ is the cheapest, and therefore the most common carrier bag available for shopping in Nigeria.  I felt the amount of litter caused by ‘Black’ and ‘Santana” (the much smaller transparent ones) should be recognised.  I could collect an amazing number of Black from my own and my friends and family shopping alone in a week.  This is how monumental the presence of the insignificant and almost ephemeral Black is.  One idea of the bag wall is to let the seemingly weak say I can be quite strong.  ‘Black’ is for the cheapest shopping, cheap commodities and cheap customers but you may not be honoured with this carrier bag to carry your shopping when your total shopping is less than a specific amount. How cheap can real cheap be in this country?  How many more shopping bags are being consumed on the side of these ones in this work?  Do we do any more with our lives other than shopping? Is it actually the end to all the means?

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