Cover Story, 2010

Title of ArtworkCover Story

Artwork Year: 2010

Dimensions: Ht.: 272cm, W: 665cm, B: 283cm.

Medium: Plastic Bags, Newspapers (both specifically local to Yaounde)


Addressing the problem of access to information represented with newspapers contained in translucent plastic bags which prevent the reading of the information contained within.

How free are we as a people? How free is information and its’ accessibility? Do we have rights as people living in Africa, or in the world?


The occasion was the festival of visual arts Meetings, which ended April 24 last. 21 visual artists from France, Nigeria, Japan, Holland, Germany and Cameroon met during April 21-24, 2010, in the festival of visual arts Meetings (Ravy). In this second edition of the festival that runs Fokou Serge Olivier, the focus is the installation of the Nigerian Amarachi Okafor. The visual artist has not gone through the bush to show that "in Cameroon, access to information is like getting treasure on the moon.” Thursday, April 22, 2010, it has been a great curiosity at the Cultural Centre Francois Villon Yaounde. Amarachi Okafor presented "Cover Story", a sort of newspapers packed in transparent plastic bags. The artist has posed the problem of access to information sources and the distance between the rulers and the people. She explained that the plastic that covers the newspaper prevents reading the information that claims to make available to the public. For Amarachi Okafor, "We want to show that in Cameroon, as elsewhere in Africa, corporate information is never accessible to the people. Now you're thirsty to know what is happening around us. " Unfortunately, she regrets, everything is so blurred that the public finds it hard to take what is good”.

Visual ArtsThe world represented in YaoundeWritten by Irene Gaoud. Monday, April 26, 2010, 10:23, on the occasion of Ravy Festival, Yaounde

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