Used Through, 2009

Title of ArtworkUsed Through

Artwork Year: 2009

Dimensions: Variable Dimensions, 246cm high

Medium: Synthetic Leather, Fabric off-cut


Used Through discusses human’s known inclination and pattern, to utilise and exploit. Are we Vampires? Would it not be better for us that we loved people and used things, than it is when we love things and use people?

The material for work here, from which this idea has been drawn, and upon which it is laid, is a collection of off cuts (of leather) from a shoe factory in Norway. The majority had been torn out from sets of piles of skin; and the rest are (usually) cast off, pulled out of play, as they are no longer needed.

This piece is a sculptural installation that brings patterned leather from a shoe factory, into use, as its’ major material. This is a result of the collaborative work with this factory.  My interest in this material is also due to its’ intricate and exciting visual appearance, which had been capable of arousing different ideas. The inspiration for this work is also embedded and described in the actual process of making, and the artist’s projected relationship and interaction with the material. This action of relating with, while I built; built this relationship by association, makes it all about ‘of building and cementing relationships and connections’. It is the plan as well as the objective that these kinds of correlations be felt and interpreted through this piece by any audience. The idea is that this piece leads the artist and the audience to linger on thoughts about associations, associating, relating, relationships, connections, boundaries, extensions, gaps, and eventually on the idea of ‘the whole’- which is completed by the bulk of the actual artwork-, and the different other ideologies surrounding this phenomenon. It is about family relationships, political connections, love, our link to life itself, and our unspoken need for it; the need for homes- making, and keeping homes where we are drawn, for protection- from being used through.

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