The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of Our City, 2015-2019

Title of ArtworkThe Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of Our City

Artwork Year: 2015-2019

Dimensions: Variable Dimensions

Medium: Multiple media


Humans in their city! This is a ‘visualisation’ or a reference to our typical city. 

The colour of our individual hearts is the colour of the collective result that we ‘enjoy’ where we dwell, where we participate and where we are active in. This is indeed the summation or the consequence of whom we essentially are as persons and as humans present in a given space.

What is my colour contribution to the space where I dwell – Black, Red, White, Green, Pale, peaceful, Cool, Harsh or ugly?

My personal vibe contributes to and can determine the visible vibe and energy of my city! I am a stakeholder.

Each envelope – pouch with its’ content stand (in) for an individual. We are sealed bags full of secrets, full of sourness, joy, hope, gratitude, envy, love, kindness, compassion, empathy, jealousy, selfishness, pride. Which of these possible contents is abundant in me, and hence, in my city because of me?

In general, do I enjoy the people in my city? Why so?

What kind of ingredients would I enjoy from my co-dwellers in my city? How shall we multiply these ingredients to have an enjoyable city?

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