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Addressing one of my struggles as an artist who happens to be a woman, My Men and I was made at Nkd, Norway during a residency there.

This artwork is an installation of Men’s shoes, men whom I am supposed to accommodate in my personal spaces when I travel to work as an artist. The idea for this piece developed from the comment made by a friend on Facebook, concerning my tours. 

This friend had said: ‘You are just flying around, one time you are in Abuja, the next minute you are in Europe!’ He did not say this in a good way.

This shocking statement transmitted to me to mean that, as long as I move around the way I do, I am not to be trusted.

I made this artwork, alluding to, and asking: where do people think the place of a woman should be, even in the 21st century? 

Are the majority of the people generally jealous of a woman who does well enjoying the kind of work she desires to do, even if this work benefits her society? 

Does one sect of humanity possess more right than the other?

“A well-travelled woman must be a promiscuous woman;” 

Isn't this is a common misconception that does nothing for the cause of gender equality.

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