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This work, commissioned by the CCA, Lagos, for the exhibition - LineGauge: Linear Imagery | Textual Allegories (08 Dec. 2018 - 05 Apr. 2019) is an illustration of the book KINTU, by the Uganda author Makumbi, Jennifer Nansubuga.

What are the ways that we confine or/and liberate ourselves physically and spiritually due to our experiences and therefore beliefs?

There can be many ways that we might lay mental, spiritual and psychological inhibitions on ourselves that stop us from making much progress as individuals or as groups.

What are ancestral curses about? Are they valid or are they man-made imaginary notions?

What are the real influences determined from the actuality, perceptions and beliefs around it today?

How are these perceptions and influences considered by people of African cultures -living in Africa or within other cultures-, and by people of other cultures?

How should we consider spirituality in general or that founded in/of cultures within Africa, the spirit realm, spirits, ancestral curses; and these in relation to western education, in relation to concepts of other cultures and within the context of contemporaneity?

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