I Learnt This, 2015

Yogyakarta Biennale Foundation announces its new direction and curatorial team for the next edition, Biennale Equator #3 in 2015. The Jogja Biennale has created a theme beyond just the similarities between Indonesia and Nigeria, a theme that could also embrace contemporary discourse, political context and social issues in both countries respectively.

For this exhibition I am showing my latest in my public art series titled:

I Learnt This.

There are disturbing yet pertinent questions that must be asked- As peoples, what kind of a society are we, what kind of a society would we prefer to be, what is it that we are teaching societies today, and how? Are we a developed society? Do we build trust? Do we extend Care? Do we uphold Truth? Do we render Help? Do we respect the other? Are we fair?

What are our responses to these questions? Might there be the need to learn or unlearn anything to become that which we want to be?


With Nigeria and Indonesia for example, colonial domination changed us. As peoples, what is original about us? Do we relish our uniqueness, or do we have a propensity for exotic identities therefore losing our true ‘self’?

What is our true self? What did we represent yesterday, today, and what about tomorrow? Our tomorrow is in all of our hands! 

What are we teaching and what are we learning? How? What are we passing on to our next generations to hold? How? We do need to pay attention to our formal schemes for learning but more attention to the alternative structures for education such as the home/family, mosque, church, streets, playgrounds, media and everywhere. Let us pay attention and push for the best methods to realize our true selves. Or what do you think? Share your thoughts with me.

We Are Here Too, But We Are Not the Earth, We Are Something Else, 2015


This event, brought to you by Environmental Art Collective Foundation, is the first edition in a series featuring a night of art tales, poetry, art installations and performance art.

Consumption By Moonlight is an outdoor exhibition themed on turning some of the garbage with which we litter and destroy our environment into sustainable art. The art is,

for a time, fully exposed to all the forces of nature so I have chosen to exhibit yet another of the series of the ever so durable and versatile plastic bags Sculpture...


Ask Yourself, 2014

Ask Yourself is a multi-dimensional art intervention comprising of playful and experiential art event-series that have already happened for 8 days in 4 locations (2 days per location), at an average of 7 hours per day. It is a participatory public-art activity that moved to its audience for collaboration. It brings art and its engagement opportunity directly to the audience in the real world and embraces a collective model for making art.

The art includes Scrap notes, a Painting Installation, and a Film as elements and residues of the interventions. Ask Yourself is...


Working at Schooner Bay in Abaco Island was fun. I must say though, that it was too hot out there. I got sun-burnt actually…

According to Antonius Roberts, “Schooner Bay is the ultimate artists’ studio – a studio without walls and we look forward to it being transformed into and celebrated as an organic garden where the line between nature and art is obliterated.” 

From July 21 through July 23rd 2010, six emerging artists from the College of the Bahamas and three resident artists from Popopstudios including  myself and John Cox (Popostudios Director) participated in the...


Managing director of the Downtown Nassau Partnership – formed to achieve progressive redevelopment of the city of Nassau – Vaughn Roberts recognized the significant role public art could play in achieving their goals and launched in 2010 the Love My Bahamas Downtown Art Project. Funded by Coca-Cola, it invited 14 local artists and two internationals artists including Amarachi Okafor to create murals and art installations in the downtown Nassau area.

May 2010

…And I am granted the Commmonwealth Connections award, and artist award of the commonwealth foundation. Lovely! I look forward to getting involved in many projects in Nassau- Bahamas…getting immersed in the art, the beautiful blue waters and the people.

I will work with Antonius Roberts, and I will base at Popopstudios right amongst many interesting artists.

- Being creative is about finding fresh grounds – the unbeaten path. This is exactly what we seek! This is not about an individual artist, but about the group, and about the Bahamas; and perhaps Africa. We hope the...

Written by Irene Gaoud Monday, April 26th, 2010

The occasion was the Festival of Visual Arts Meetings, which ended April 24 last. 21 visual artists from France, Nigeria, Japan, Holland, Germany and Cameroon met from 21 to 24 April 2010 in Yaounde at the Festival of Visual Arts Meetings (Ravy). In this second edition of the festival that runs Fokou Serge Olivier, the focus is the installation of the Nigerian Amarachi Okafor. The visual artist has not gone through the bush to show that “in Cameroon, access to information is like getting a treasure on the moon.”

Thursday, April 22, 2010,...

In 2007 I was honoured with an art residency by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) where I got to do research on foreign prostitution in Norway. This resulted in the creation of some work that I am truly proud of.

Pretty Acceptable Garbage, 2007

Abreast with Expectations, Responsibilities and Shame, 2007

Prices To the Lowest, 2007




Are you attending?Please RSVP Before April 1th

I’ll be there


International commonwealth connections artist collaborates with Bahamian fashion designers and visual artists in an ‘International art and design experience’ .

Apryl Jasmine Burrows/Aprly Jasmine Design Studio,
This is a special media announcement on the exhibition by Nigerian Amarachi Okafor, bringing in eight Bahamian fashion designers:

Harl Taylor(Harl Taylor BAG),

Percy Wallace(Garfi Designs),

Jeff  St. John(House of  St John),

and visual artists:

Kishan Munroe,

Kendal Hanna,

John Beadle,

Tyrone Ferguson

in an art intervention  resulting in an art installation comprising of...