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Please find references about my work through the following links:

An Exceptional International Artist Producing Exquisite Art, by Kakaaki Reporters, Nigeria. Oct. 27, 2022



Celebrated Nigerian artist Amarachi Okafor highlights Ecological Disaster on, Nov. 7th, 2022



Nigerian artist brings local perceptions to international stage on for Wednesday, July 27, 2022



The Rise of Amazons - Curators by Keturah Ovio in Business Day Weekender [accessed Mar. 28, 2022]


Okafor's Installation Probity of Urbanisation hits Lagos 


Public Conversation about The Colour of Lagos  by CCA, Lagos, Amarachi Okafor in in discussion with Uche Okpa Iroha, and Gerald Chukwuma- [accessed Oct. 05, 2021]


Amarachi Okafor Exhibits at CCA, Lagos - Video by Chioma Okpara


THISDAY News, Art & Review about 'The Colour of Lagos', The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of our City shown at CCA,Lagos- [accessed Oct. 05, 2021]


The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of our City, - Exhibition Tour with the Artist 


ArtBeatNG, on the exhibition, The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of our City, exhibition [accessed Sept. 29, 2020]


THISDAY News, Art & Review during Nigeria @60. Celebrating Nigeria's Independence [accessed Sept. 29, 2020]


Google Arts & Culture [accessed July. 09, 2020]


Jogjakarta Biennial, Hacking Conflict, Equator #3

Biennale Jogja, [accessed July. 09, 2020] [accessed July. 09, 2020]

South-South [accessed June. 19, 2022]


African Artists Foundation, National Art Competition. 2014 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]


National Art Competition. 2014 Winners Announced  [accessed July. 09, 2020]


Tiwani Contemporary, London. June 2012 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]


We Face Forward, Art from West Africa today, Manchester. June 2012  [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]



Ravy Festival, Yaounde. April 2010 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]


Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Wales. 2008 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]


Channel 4, London. 2008 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]


Babelkunst, Trondheim, Norway I. 2007 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]

Babelkunst II. 2007 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]

Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim. 2007 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]

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