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Please find references about my work through the following links:


Nigerian artist brings local perceptions to international stage; on for Wednesday, July 27, 2022



The Rise of Amazons - Curators; by Keturah Ovio in Business Day Weekender [accessed Mar. 28, 2022]


Okafor's Installation Probity of Urbanisation hits Lagos 


Public Conversation about The Colour of Lagos  by CCA, Lagos, Amarachi Okafor in in discussion with Uche Okpa Iroha, and Gerald Chukwuma- [accessed Oct. 05, 2021]


Amarachi Okafor Exhibits at CCA, Lagos - Video by Chioma Okpara


THISDAY News, Art & Review about 'The Colour of Lagos', The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of our City shown at CCA,Lagos- [accessed Oct. 05, 2021]


The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of our City, - Exhibition Tour with the Artist 


ArtBeatNG, on the exhibition, The Colour of Our Hearts is the Colour of our City, exhibition [accessed Sept. 29, 2020]


THISDAY News, Art & Review during Nigeria @60. Celebrating Nigeria's Independence [accessed Sept. 29, 2020]


Google Arts & Culture [accessed July. 09, 2020]



Jogjakarta Biennial, Hacking Conflict, Equator #3




More Links: 


Biennale Jogja, [accessed July. 09, 2020] [accessed July. 09, 2020]


South-South [accessed June. 19, 2022]




African Artists Foundation, National Art Competition. 2014 


[accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




National Art Competition. 2014 Winners Announced  [accessed 


July. 09, 2020]




Tiwani Contemporary, London. June 2012 [accessed Feb. 10, 






We Face Forward, Art from West Africa today, Manchester. June 


2012  [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




Ravy Festival, Yaounde. April 2010 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Wales. 2008 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




Channel 4, London. 2008 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




Babelkunst, Trondheim, Norway I. 2007 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




Babelkunst II. 2007 [accessed Feb. 10, 2015]




Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim. 2007 [accessed Feb. 


10, 2015]

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