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The Colour of our Hearts is the Colour of our City - 2
by Amarachi Okafor

February 10th 2022

Amarachi Okafor Orie, exploring bags and boxes agents of containment and control, in and of themselves.
The artwork, 'The Colour of Our Hearts Is the Colour of Our City', 2015-2019 is people focused, and affectionately themed so. This one-piece exhibition is participatory (with audiences) and performative (by the audience and the artist). 
The physical sculpture installation tries to activate to the senses, a city setting with pouches in seating as people living in clusters, on streets, within closed and open walls.
Cities are made and built by people- all the people in it, not just some. Each one of us is a stakeholder and through our actions or/and inactions, we have the ability to affect the overall feel of our city in some capacity or other.
Using individual bags as objects that aid us to think about the human being as entities that have the capacity to hold and to contain, may we bear in mind that we have the responsibility to be better, and to make better.

The Colour of our Hearts is the Colour of our City
by Amarachi Okafor

December 18th 2020

A book documenting the solo exhibition of Amarachi Okafor Orie, in collaboration with Thought Pyramid Art Gallery, Abuja, Nigeria.
What is my contribution ‘in colour’ to the spaces where I am given to be active at – Black, Red, White, Pale, peaceful, Cool, Harsh or Ugly ….?
How do we live and how do we love; What is the colour of my heart? 

Ask Yourself
​by Amarachi Okafor

April 4th 2020

This book is a component of 'Ask Yourself' project, made by Amarachi Okafor in 2014.

It is a communication agent that documents the voices of the project's participating public or audiences.
'Ask Yourself' is an art of sensitisation as a catalyst for positive change that posed as a game providing audiences the opportunity on many levels, to have a think/a rethink on our individual contribution to this society where we belong. The single artwork comprised: Painting, Artist-books, Installation, Film.

How do we live? How do we affect things and other people by the ways that we act? What can we individually do to improve everything?
Okafor's work aims at collective societal positive transformation. When we can look inwards to ourselves first, then chances are that we may want to start growing ideas and methods for constructive change towards achieving an admirable society.
'Ask Yourself' at its' first engagement worked actively with up to 400 people as collaborators, assistants, volunteers and participants.

I am Bahamian. I Eat Conch Salad.
by Amarachi Okafor

December 12th 2012

A book documenting a curatorial experiment.
This was a cross cultural art experience produced by Nigerian artist-curator, Amarachi Okafor Orie in collaboration with The Hub Gallery, Nassau; Popopstudios, Nassau and fashion designers and visual artists (of African descent) of The Bahamas 
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