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The beginning of the journey on a new path. New explorations with lines and colour, exploring further, the concept of containment.

In the early and mid-2010s, I started to explore a certain form of abstraction, playing with bits of found objects -odds and ends that do in fact mean something to me; and some that do not. I had also moved to a new studio then, so it all felt new, and like some very long journey into the unknown.

Every bit of these objects that I have used present history - they tell their own story, they tell my story. They matter.

I really like freedom in my work - in the finished work and through the process. What would it be like if tried to be more precise and worked with restricted lines (within restricted paths)? Is this a form of containment too, to be precise?

It is a rewarding discovery, that led to a beautiful place in my journey.


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