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Announcing Beauty, Mercy, Kindness and Love, Lagos

A retrospective exhibition, chronicling 20 years of practice. Red Door Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

29th October 2022 - 19th October 2022

The Colour of the Hearts is the Colour of Our City - Lagos

An interactive exhibition in collaboration with Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos

See video

11th September 2021 - 25th September 2021

The Colour of the Hearts is the Colour of Our City - Abuja

An interactive exhibition in collaboration with Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Abuja, Nigeria

1st September 2020 - 6th September 2020

I Am The Light - Alternative Space

Multiple Participatory Art Public Art events in collaboration with the Catholic Church of the Assumption, Asokoro and Divine Mercy School

10th August 2019

I Learnt This- Alternative Spaces Projects (Via Jogja Biennial), 2015

A Participatory Relational Public Art Event series in many locations, commissioned by the Yayasan Biennale for Biennale Jogja XIII.

November, 2015


ASK YOURSELF - Abuja, Nigeria

A series of durational Participatory Relational Public Art events in various locations - exploring presenting art to new audiences at alternative spaces.

1st September 2014 - 24th October 2014

EUROPE AT FINANCIAL TIMES - Babel Galley, Trondheim, Norway

Funded by UNESCO and in collaboration with LKV (Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder) Trondheim. This was my first solo exhibition.

15th June 2007 - 24th June 2007

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