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The colour of our individual hearts is the colour of the place where we inhabit. Who am I as a person and how am I making my city, community, immediate spaces better or worse because of my presence in it. 
The physical installation tries to activate a city setting with pouches standing as people living in clusters amongst streets, within closed and open walls 
This relational piece draws the audience into the work to be part of the piece as it grows with the charge of the audience.

How are we living in our cities!


This is a reference to my city, inspired by my perception over time living and traveling in a number of cities around the world. How do we live and how do we love?


Abuja, Umuahia, Lagos, Trondheim, Münster, Cornwall are cities some of where I have lived, and each of these cities have or offer different energies about them not due to their name or location, but due to the energies that the people living in them give out and translate to one another.


The colour of our hearts individually, is the colour of the collective result that we 'enjoy' where we dwell and where we participate. This is indeed the summation or the consequence of whom we essentially are as persons and as humans present in a given space. What is my contribution ‘in colour’ to the spaces where I am given to be active at–Black, Red, White, Green, Pale, peaceful, Cool, Harsh or Ugly–?


Our vibe contributes to and can determine or affect the general vibe and energy of my entire city! Each one of us is a key stakeholder.


With this artwork, each pouch including its' content stand (in)for man, one man. We are sealed bags full of secrets, full of sourness, joy, hope, gratitude, envy, love, kindness, compassion, empathy, jealousy, selfishness, pride, depravity, cheer; which of these possible contents is abundant in me, and hence, in my city because of me? In general, do I enjoy the people in my city? Why so? Why not?


What kind of ingredients would I enjoy from co-dwellers in my city? How shall we multiply these ingredients to have an enjoyable city?

This line of work intends to make audiences consume art by being part of it, having a stake in the piece, engraving it in their memories through participation; enlightening as well, audiences that would not ordinarily consume art.It’s a that piece that people write into, and have conversations about. The conversation and the writing into… is key

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